Our company, which was established in 1973 with the purpose of conducting construction and contracting works, has appended its signature under many important projects with the title of RANTAŞ since 1987.


Our mission as company can be summarized as follows:



It is our fundamental principle to obtain maximum success in the works we carry out by preserving the conditions for environmental and work security in our dynamic staff who believe in team soul and dedicate themselves to their work, to maintain the social responsibility approach in the practices without overlooking the environmental and social evaluations as well as the financial feasibilities.  The buildings that we construct by benefitting from our experiences and accumulations, as well as technical knowledge are functional, strong and in the world standards.


In the constructed buildings, the importance given to quality is not only evident in the beauty of the used material. The areas for social facilities, green areas, parking lot and other services that we have provided after we planned all the internal using aspects of the building have been our basic quality criteria in order to create an environment for happy living.


To maintain the continuous improvement activities in order to meet the changing customer needs, to conduct all the activities in line with the legal regulation, to use the natural resources in the most efficient way are very important for our company.



Our company, which provides qualified and reliable service in compliance with the world standards since the day it was established with its institutionalized structure, desires to increase its performance and competitive power to the highest level to provide superior service to its customers also in the future.