Our company was established in year 1973 with the aim of carrying out construction contracting works that is its main subject of business. Our enterprise, which carried out business activities under the trade name of SİM LTD. ŞTİ. [SİM CO. LTD.] in the years it was first established, was reconstructed as RANTAŞ in year 1987. PIRIL İNŞ.LTD.ŞTİ. [PIRIL CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD.], which carried out business activities between 1989-1991, is a subsidiary company of RANTAŞ and then it was incorporated in the Joint Stock Company.


Our company having successfully completed services such as Faculty Buildings of Universities, Factory constructions of various sectors, Large and Small Industrial Sites, Hospitals, Branch and Lodging Buildings of Banks, General Directorate and Regional Directorate Constructions of Enterprises, constructions aimed at Tourism Investments since 1973, has been partner of and cooperated with many persons, enterprises and institutions and still carries out its business activities in accordance with the principles of a Joint Stock Company.


RANTAŞ, offering an alternative business understanding by closely following up the innovations and technological developments in the sector and world, has adopted a working style based on the principle of peace and trust with its specialized staff and trained employees.


In the services offered by taking into consideration conditions of the day and customer expectations, environmental protection and ensuring job safety bears great importance and while carrying out implementation services, actions are taken with the conscious of social responsibility and environmental protection.



Our company, continuing its studies without sacrificing the innovative style it has adopted, transfers its knowledge and experiences to young staffs and thus, enjoys the proud of fulfilling today’s requirements as regards technology and economy, and aims at carrying to the future its fundamentals and principles it has been maintaining up to date, without sacrificing its style.


Our mission is to invest in human and technology, continuously improving ourselves in accordance with conditions of competition, and to offer good-quality service in the world standards in accordance with requests of our customers, combining our expertise and experience with technology. We continue our studies in order to render our company’s capital structure and quality organization adequate to global dimension. We will continue constructing high-standard buildings in line with the expectations and requirements of our customers with our experienced staff and the importance we attach to teamwork.


As a company, adopted as a principle to work with an understanding of modern technology and total quality, open to continuous development and change, we offer reliable service by delivering the works we have assumed correctly, completely and in due time. Our customers’ satisfaction, continuity of quality in all of our services, environmental protection and job safety are our fundamental principles.